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One year after its founding in 1957, Pigeon Honyuki Honpo (Nursing Bottle Manufacturer) Corporation has quickly gained recognition as a nursing bottle manufacturer in hospitals and health centers. By 1963, the company launched a more diverse line of products, offering disposable diapers and washing brushes. It was in 1966 when Pigeon changed its name to Pigeon Corporation, thereby shedding “nursing bottle manufacturer” from its name to symbolize its transition to the wider field of child care products.

Widely considered to be a symbol of peace, the pigeon reflects our desire for your baby to grow up happily in a peaceful and prosperous society. Thus, Pigeon Honyuki Honpo Corporation (now Pigeon Corporation) was born under the leadership of founder and first president Yuichi Nakata. Since our inception up to today, our desire to deliver comfort, safety and quality care to babies and mothers through exceptional nursing products hasn’t changed, nor will it change in the future.