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2020 Lucky Game Terms and Conditions

T&C 條款及細則

1) TY Baby Limited reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice, and this Lucky Game event may be withdrawn or terminated by us at our discretion without prior notice. We accept no liability for any such change, withdrawal and termination. 天約寶寶有限公司保留隨時更改此條款及細則和本抽獎活動的權利,並擁有取消或終止此抽獎活動的最終決定權而毋須事前通知。我們對於任何更改、取消及終止概不承擔任何責任。

2) All winners will be checked for the fulfilment of our participation rules. [[1) Comment:TY BABY and ‘Like,  Share Our Page and Tag 3 Friends’]]. Participants who failed to follow will be disqualified and will not be notified. We reserve the right to exclude any entrant who violates these fulfillments, tampers with the Lucky Game, engages in abusive, deceit or fraudulent behaviour concerning the Game. If an entrant is omitted, the prize may be subsequently revoked and reclaimed.

TY Baby Limited 會查詢贏家是否達到遊戲要求 「1) 留言: TY BABY。2) 點贊,分享, Tag標記3位好友」未達到要求的參加者會被取消資格。 參加者如在活動中違反此條款及細則,涉及任何舞弊、濫用及/或欺詐成分,我們有權取消該參加者之參加資格,及保留取消及追討獎品之最終決定權。 

3)There will be no cash or part cash equivalent; the Prize is non-transferable, non-negotiable and non-refundable. In particular, Prizes must not be sold or given away and may become void if this condition is breached. If the Prize offered is unavailable due to circumstances beyond the control of TY Baby Limited, we reserve the right to substitute the Prize for one of equal or equivalent value. We shall not be responsible for any expenses, inconvenience or costs incurred due to the delay, postponement or cancellation of any event. 此活動不涉及任何現金;獎品不得轉讓、不可協議或轉換成現金。獎品不得轉售或轉送,如違反此細則,獎品可能被視為無效。如果獎品因在本店不可控制之情況下以致未能提供,我們保留以其他價值相等之禮品代替之權利。因延遲、押後或取消任何活動而引致之任何開支、不便或費用,本店恕不負責。

4) All prizes are to be collected at our TY Baby Tsuen Wan Shop, and NO free delivery included. Please contact our customer service for more info. 贏得禮物只能從TY Baby 荃灣店自取而沒有免費送貨。更多詳情,請與我們聯絡。

5) Please respect everyone in the comment sections. No profanities, attacks, political discussions, and hate speech allowed. The entries by the entrants are in their personal capacity. The opinions expressed in the entries are the entrants’ own and do not reflect the view of us. Entries containing any nudity or any other unsuitable material or are deemed to be defamatory, obscene, illegal, or offensive will be disqualified and comments may be deleted. 請尊重所有參加者。謝絕褻瀆的語言,人生攻擊,政治討論, 表達仇恨或煽動使用暴力的言論。所有遞交之答案必須由參加者自己提供 。參加者遞交之答案所表達之言論均來自參加者,而並非反映我們之觀點。凡有裸露、誹謗、不雅、違法、冒犯及其他不恰當內容之答案,均會被取消資格,而我們不會另行通知。 

6) Only one entry to each is permitted per person and per Facebook account. Entrants can enter the once and only one Prize can be won per entrant throughout the entire game. If there is more than one entry from the same entrant, Comments will be deleted and may be disqualified. 每人及每個Facebook戶口只許參加各回合一次,全個抽獎活動中最多贏取獎品一份。如有參加者參加多於一次,留言可能會被刪除及取消參加資格。

7) TY Baby Limited does not accept responsibility for entries that are lost, damaged, defaced, illegible, incomplete, incorrectly completed, delayed by any failure or malfunction of computer or software or by any fault or defect in any Social Network. 如因電腦或智能電話或網絡等技術問題導致參加者所遞交的答案遺失、破壞、損毀、無法辨識、不完整、錯誤及延遲,我們恕不負責。

8)By entering this Game, entrants agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. No correspondence will be entered into. In case of any dispute arising out of the Lucky Game, the decision of TY Baby Limited shall be final and conclusive. 當參加者參與此抽獎活動,即代表同意受此條款及細則所約束。不會另行簽訂任何協議。如就此抽獎活動有任何爭議,我們保留最終決定權。

9)TY Baby reserves the right to feature the winners’ names on Facebook and will make this information available from the TY Baby Facebook page. By accepting the Prize, the Winner agrees to this use of his/her information. TY Baby Limited 保留將得獎者之名字於Facebook。以上提及之資料以後刊載於本行Facebook專頁。得獎者接受獎品,即代表同意其資料會經上述形式使用。

10)TY Baby Limited will contact the Winners by responding to their submission of an entry in the “comments” section of the post on Facebook. If no response is received from a Winner within a (1) One Week or if a Winner is found to be ineligible to enter this Lucky Game, otherwise fails to follow the instructions of the Self Collection on Prize, the Winner will be disqualified and we reserve the right to determine a replacement or forfeit the Prize. The We will provide the Winners with an email address via Facebook to contact us. Each Winner will then be requested to verify his/her identity and collect the prize according to the instructions stated in our emails. 本店將回覆得獎者於抽獎活動貼文上之留言以聯絡得獎者。如在指定時間內本店收不到得獎者之回覆,或者得獎者被發現不符合參加資格,又或者未能完成本行之領獎指示,其得獎資格將被取消。本店保留重選得獎者或取消獎品之權利。本店將透過Facebook向得獎者提供電郵地址以便得獎者回覆本店。得奬者須根據本店發出之電郵內的步驟確認身份,以便領獎。

11)The announcement of the Winners will be made on 15 August 2020. 得獎結果將會在2020年8月15日公布。


12)To qualify for the Lucky Game, no purchases of goods or services are necessary. 


13)There will be six winners for the entire Lucky Game.. The Prize will be awarded to the entrants whose name will be randomly selected from the pool of all qualifying entrants. 此活動只有6位得獎者,從合資格參加者中隨機抽出得獎者 。 

14)In the event of any discrepancy or inconsistency between the English version and the Chinese version of these Terms and Conditions, the English version shall apply and prevail. 此條款及細則的中英文本如有歧義,概以英文本為準。

TY Baby Limited 2020